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Mold inspections in Toronto and GTA


What is a mold inspection?

A Toronto mold inspection is referred to in our trade as a preliminary mold assessment.
A certified mold inspector with many years of experience will inspect your home for mold and a possible moisture issues that can activate the mold growth.
With tools like thermal cameras, moisture meters, mvoc’s readers and swab sampling, it is now possible to determine water penetration even if hidden on a building component.
HVAC components, windows, roofing, building materials, and other specific locations are all checked during a mold inspection in Toronto.
It is also very important to know the history of the building and the occupants since it is a factor of a proper mold inspection.
The mold inspector will determine after all facts are analysed and consider what steps should be taken and recommend a permanent solution to address the issue.
Toronto mold inspections are free and should always be the first call.

Why is a mold inspection free?

A Toronto mold inspection for a trained and experienced mold inspector does not take very long and it is comparable to a free estimate from your kitchen provider, tile installer or a deck builder.
You are not obligated to accept the tile quotation and in the same way a mold inspection does not obligate you to buy anything or do anything it is just a preliminary inspection to rule out a possible problem.

Who needs a mold inspection in Toronto ?

If you suspect previous or existent water damage or if it is already visible and not sure how to proceed, if  you keep having health symptoms aggravated in a particular area only and not anywhere else, if you purchased a former grow-op home or if you had a flood and want to ensure everything was done correctly.
One call takes the weight off your mind; get a free mold inspection in Toronto and GTA.
Protect your health and your Property- Know the Facts.


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