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GeorgetownServing the Georgetown area we will identify, eliminate and correct any issues regarding mould testing, mould removal, mould inspection or indoor air quality.

mould testing, removal, inspection or indoor air qualitymould testing, removal, inspection or indoor air quality

With 24 years of experience backed by state of the art tools and credentials, we will identify, eliminate and correct any issue regarding mould testing, removal, inspection or indoor air quality.

Air Quality Testing in Georgetown facts from fiction

What is indoor air quality testing?

Some times referred to home mold air test is simply the collection of air samples to determine the quantity and identification of pollutants in regards to human exposure on an indoor environment.

How do I test my house for mould in Georgetown?

You probably don't need to test your house for mold, if unsure give us a call to ensure you make the right decisions 1-800-520-7443

I am feeling sick and suspect is mould, do I need an indoor air quality test for mould?

Probably not, you should first go to your family doctor and allergist, mold exist everywhere including inside your house. If you are only feeling symptoms in your house and already exhausted all medical advice, you probably should consider an air quality test part of a more detailed assessment including voc's (volatile organic compounds).

How do you air test your house for mould?

There is a variety of sample collection but the most commonly used is via an air-o-cell, simply stated a pump withdraws a pre-determined amount of air from your environment and is collected on this type of cassette and then sent to a independent laboratory for fungi identification and analysis.

mould testing, removal, inspection or indoor air qualitymould testing, removal, inspection or indoor air qualitymould testing, removal, inspection or indoor air quality

Who needs indoor air quality testing for mould in Georgetown?

  1. If you have an order to comply from the city of Georgetown or Ministry.
  2. If people in your workplace are complaining of mold exposure
  3. If you purchased a former grow op house
  4. If you are a victim of a tenant that started a grow op
  5. If your Bank or insurance company requested
  6. If you failed an home inspection for mold
  7. If you suspect to have hidden mold and are having mold exposure symptoms

How much is the mould testing costs in Georgetown?

Sampling for indoor air quality for mold in Georgetown starts a $100 per sample with a minimum of 2 samples (outside sample versus inside sample for comparison).

How many home air mould testing samples do I need?

Georgetown buyers beware, it all depends on your situation and assessment, for proper advice you must call 1-800-520-7443 don't be fooled, you must make informed decisions.

I found mould in my house do I need to test for air quality?

Health Canada, the Center for Disease Control, the Environment Protection Agency and many other reputable institutions all agree that a mould inspection is the primary form of determining of a mould problem. Mould testing in air quality is just a snap shot of the air and only at that time taken, does not reflect or address your problem without proper data quality objectives.

I have visible mould in my house in Georgetown how do I remove it?

Depending on severity and size of contamination, you could do it safely following our homeowners guide on mould removal at absolutely no cost, fine print or strings attached by calling 1-800-520-7443, or if you suspect of areas larger than 10 square feet, Health Canada, CMHC, EACO and many other reputable organizations recommend the necessity of qualified professionals due to the possibility of cross contamination, excessive worker inhalation and specialty equipment necessary in order to permanently and effectively address the contamination. It starts with a free mold inspection/assessment.

What is a mould inspection?

It's a preliminary assessment on determining if a possible mould contamination exists in an indoor environment.

What are the costs of a mould inspection?

A Mould inspection in Georgetown is free and is comparable to an estimate from your kitchen provider, roofer or tile provider, there is no hidden costs, fine print or obligations, and if we ever find a problem we will provide you with a written solution. It is up to you to hire any trade you want to fix it. No pressure, no obligations, ever.

I failed an air quality test for mould and remediation is required?

Most cases are different, it could be a grow op, a ministry order to comply or a house that just sold in Georgetown, at some point you need to intrust someone that can guide you on the proper actions to address the issue with the utmost consideration for your situation and needs. We are here and know money does not grow on trees, as difficult as it may seem we have helped and addressed similar situations with hundreds of satisfied clients as now our referrals. Your call, our answers. Call 1-800-520-7443

You can rely on us, Clean First is the leader in air quality testing, mould inspection and mould removal in Georgetown. Our mould inspections are of zero cost to you and with over 24 years of experience we know mold when we see it but always back up our findings with scientific measurement. Our guarantee to you is complete satisfaction of our services.

mould testing, removal, inspection or indoor air quality

mould testing, removal, inspection or indoor air quality mould testing, removal, inspection or indoor air quality Thank you for your support in a local Company in air quality testing, mold inspection and mold remediation in Georgetown.


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